Huwebes, Agosto 25, 2011

A Safe Alternative to Losing Weight

Acai berry is a great super food and comes in the shape of an extremely nutritious fruit; one that is loaded to the brim with a variety of body friendly nutrients and is also extremely high in antioxidants.
As well as having both nutrients and antioxidants, this particular super food also contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, which act as a healthy form of losing any excess weight when eaten regularly. Another benefit of theacai berry is that it also helps to combat the signs of ageing as it contains an assortment of antioxidants and fibre, which both work to stimulate the body’s endorphins.
Endorphins are basically the "feel good" chemicals in our brains, the more you have and the better you feel. Many things such as exercise, chocolate and falling in love, are all known to activate the pleasure centres in our brains. Acai is one such food that you can add to that list and will in turn activates similar pleasure centres in order to make you feel great!
The fatty acids that are contained in the acai fruit also help to enhance your body’s metabolism. The nutrients also help to increase the functioning of the body, which aid your body in burning fat quickly.
The fibre in the acai fruit helps to clear up the digestive system whilst eliminating any bloating. The acai berry is certainly a safe and healthy supplement to aid weight loss.
Some of the body friendly ingredients contained in the acai berry include both Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids, these two ingredients cannot be created on their own by the human body, it is therefore very beneficial to source them elsewhere.
The proteins featured in the acai berry super food work to increase the muscle mass of the body, which enables us to burn fat even when at rest.

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